Pallet Jacks: Safety And Efficiency At Work

Electric pallet jacks are an asset to any warehouse or loading dock. They are designed to lift large amounts of weight at one time. Productivity increases and employee injuries decrease when the brunt of the weight is placed on electrical equipment that does not require any manual manipulation on the employee’s part to lift heavy object.

Never Exceed Capacity
While this will help to decrease injuries that are due to lifting heavy objects, you can still run the risk of injury if not used properly. Never exceed the weight capacity for that specific make and model. A weight capacity plate should be placed on the equipment itself so that everyone can see what the weight capacity is. The equipment should always be used when lifting anything over 3,000 pounds.

Electric pallet jacks however can have higher weight capacities than 3,000 pounds. It depends on the make and model of the equipment as to how high the weight capacities go. So again, you should have a weight capacity plate on the equipment. get more info onĀ Pallet Jacks.

Ensure Proper Training
All persons who will be operating the equipment should be trained properly on how to use the equipment. Training should cover all safety rules and daily maintenance. After all, if the equipment is not maintained properly then the risk of malfunction can occur resulting in injury to the operator.

Proper safety rules should include a pre inspection of the equipment prior to use, proper pallet pick up with the forks and how to safely operate the equipment around other people. Knowing how to properly maneuver the equipment around others will reduce the risk of injury to those nearby. In addition, OSHA Compliance Operator Training should be administered to all employees who will be operating the equipment.

Always Read The Manual
Let us talk about the owner’s manual which comes with the equipment. The owner’s manual should be used when the equipment is being used for the first time. The reason for this is that each brand is different and making it to where everyone should know how to properly operate that specific brand. The valuable information that you will find in the owner’s manual should not be overlooked. The purpose of using the equipment is to increase productivity as well as reduce injury to a person due to heavy large objects.

Summary Of Safe Practices
Let us recap what all should be done when operating an electric pallet jack. To operate this equipment safely, a weight capacity plate should be on the equipment for everyone to see, all employees should be trained on how to properly use the equipment as well as all safety procedures. To ensure that employees know how to safely use the equipment the employees should be given OSHA Compliance Operator Training. Individual owner’s manuals should be consulted for each different make and model of equipment.

An electric pallet jack is meant to lift extremely large amounts of weight that can cause injury to a person should the operator fail to safely use the equipment. All of the above safety advice should be taken seriously so that the risks of injury are reduced.