Review on IATA Labels

With the demand for online shopping increasing at an enormous rate, the demand for better customer services have become more significant. With more and more people flocking to online stores to make their purchases, there is a huge line-up of products to be shipped. Online store owners have to be absolutely equipped with a good shipping system to ensure timely delivery of products resulting in customer delight and continuous satisfaction. With the rising demand, the shipping system also needs to be geared up to handle that kind of overload. Customers on the other hand, feel more secure if they have control over the status of their parcel and have the requisite means to track their packages. That being said, this is where the incredible UPS shipping label module from the well renowned platform PrestaShop comes into action.

United Parcel Service, typically referred to and branded as UPS, is one of the largest and leading shipment and logistics companies in the world. This module is well integrated with this established and reputed shipping carrier. The PrestaShop label module integrates seamlessly with UPS for real-time shipping rates, label printing, automatic tracking number email generation and more. You can be sure that your customers always pay just the right amount for delivery and you’ll save enough time to focus on what really matters with your business. This highly customizable and powerful shipping module provides consistent, easy-to-use and flexible shipping for any store, including shipping rate previews on product pages and much more. IATA Labels

The UPS Shipping Label module allows the smooth generation of UPS shipping labels for your esteemed customers. Subsequent to the generation of labels, the tracking number will be updated at the order-end thereby providing instant tracking options to your customers. Yes, the module enables the tracking numbers to be updated automatically for each and every order placed online. Customers can view their tracking number on their order details page and track their orders effortlessly with the UPS tracking link provided.At the back-end of the module, administrator or store manager/owner can easily, without any hassles, configure the shipping label settings like label format, the mode of environment and test and live API URLs, in accordance to your personal preference on how you want to run the shipping system of your business. A complete back-office order management is brilliantly rendered in this module under the tab – Shipping Label Printing tab, so that the administrator can quickly select one or more orders either to generate or to void labels. The module comes with a special feature wherein the orders can possibly be split up into packages.

In the back-end order detail page, the admin can split the order into different packages with each package constituting its own shipping label. Here you can select one or more packages either to generate the labels or void the labels. A further optional feature that is offered by this module is that you can either opt for your core back-office order management without any changes or order for it with timely updates of the shipping label module features. The label format can be either set to GIF image or EPL format as per the admin’s preferences. The admin can decide whether to click on the labels and send it to the thermal printer or regular printers based on the label format configured. Last but certainly not the least, this module provides you the option for generating certification files to enable live shipments approval status. A highly capable module that would go a long way in remarkably assisting you successfully with your shipping workload while ensuring your customers are well informed of every step of the package’s voyage!