5 Cliches About Picture Framing You Should Avoid

Museum quality picture framing is a very specific and unique form of art which is bound to present some challenges at some cases, especially for those who lack the necessary experience, those who work with a low budget or those who just don’t even notice their mistakes until everything is too late.Click to Read more about picture framing Your Satisfaction Guaranteed

Before you go out and look for the best picture framers NYC, it is important that you familiarize yourself with some of the most common clichés associate with picture framing and how to avoid them.

Using Clip Frames When You Know You Deserve Better
Just like everything in this life, clip frames have their own place. These are perfect for college student who want to showcase their work with ease or for other things like posters. However, the problem starts if you will try to use clip frames as an alternative for other picture framing materials. For instance, if you worked on your watercolor painting for hours, the last thing you will want to do is put it inside two sheets of clear acrylic.

This is because the gaps around frames will make it extremely easy for small black files to reach your artwork in the summer, damaging it and also, putting paint against plastic is a very bad idea. Even though it is dry, eventually, it will get stuck to the surface. This is a big problem, especially if you want to remove your artwork and place it in a museum quality picture framing.

Using a Knife to Hand Cut Mounts
Probably the most common cliché on this list is the use of knife for hand cutting mounts instead of getting the right equipment. You might be tempted to just go to the nearest craft shop to get a flimsy card or paper and use this as your mount. The truth is, you will be better off if you have one cut by professional picture framers NYC.

Using Excessively Sticky Tape
It is not very surprising for amateurs to fall into this common trap. The right kind of archival quality tape is not available all the time, not to mention that other types of tape can look remarkably fine as they are. Considering that you used them around your home, why wouldn’t you use the same time at the back of your picture frames, right?
Of course, the answer is all about practicality and design. The problem lies in the fact that you will end up struggling to get this off, particularly when you consider that plenty of picture frame materials need to be replaced.